About Me

Hello! I am Kirsty Fife – a DIY cultural organiser, zine maker, researcher, musician and archivist based in Leeds, Yorkshire. 

I currently do a bunch of different things, and this page summarises them briefly. You can also get in touch with me at kirsty.fife@gmail.com to discuss projects – if you’re emailing as an organisation I’ll expect you to only email with paid opportunities and to lead with that information. 

I have a background in DIY cultural production and organising. My projects include Adventures in Academia, Make It WorkMove Under Yr Own Power and Hard Femme zines – publications which cover intersections between fat, gender, class, sexuality, work and DIY cultures. Until 2016 I also ran Fatty Unbound – a skinflint fat fashion blog – which has been featured on platforms including the BBCThe Times and Bitch magazine. I organise Weirdo Zine Fest, a regular zine fair platforming writing and art made by people from marginalised backgrounds. I make shambolic music with friends, including the current/former bands Actual Crimes and Cat Apostrophe. I regularly speak and run workshops about zines, organising, fat activism, femme identity and class politics.

I am also a qualified archivist with experience of working with cultural, media-based and community-led heritage collections. My ten years in the archive sector to date include roles working for audio-visual archives, museums, and organisational archive services. I’m not currently practising right now (see below) but am happy to provide freelance advice on a sliding scale basis for radical and community groups. 

I am currently undertaking PhD study in the Department of Information Studies at University College London. My PhD research explores methods for documenting and archiving current UK-based DIY music spaces, particularly drawing on information cultures in spaces across the UK. Alongside my PhD I currently teach as a Lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire, and a Postgraduate Teaching Associate/Tutor at UCL and University of Dundee.